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Internet Marketing for Local Small Business

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Video Marketing is the closest you can get to free advertising. Once you produce and distribute your video campaign, it can keep producing results for a very long time. A couple of videos I made more than a year -before I actually knew what I was really doing- still drives traffic and sales to one my websites every single month.

Using online video marketing you can easily get ahead of your competition and make your business a leader in the Dallas market. That is our main goal, and to achieve it, we have developed a very simple -yet powerful- system that combines Social Media, Video Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Mobile Media.

Rinse, wash and repeat.

We take a real comprehensive approach with your small business internet marketing and apply our proven formula:

Step 1: Research
In this step we walk you through the process of knowing your audience, competition and other factors that will set the foundation for your online success.

Step 2: Set goals
As you probably understand by now, having a website or “being online” is just a tiny part of the equation. Together, we will establish very specific goals.

Step 3: Prepare for success
The offline component of your business has to be in tune with the online strategy, we will help you to take care of that as well.

Step 4: Content creation
Now that we know the foundation of your campaign, we get all the content ready.

Step 5: Launchpad
The launchpad is the online support for your campaign… and you guessed correctly is way more than your website.

Step 6: Pull the trigger

Step 7: Track results
Every component of our system is tracked and measured and we will send you every month a comprehensive report. Although, in many cases your bank account will notice the different even before the end of the first month of your campaign.

If you are ready to beat your competition and become a leader in your industry, give us a call, we will be glad to help.

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